What to buy now and why! December 02 2013, 0 Comments

I was recently asked by a magazine, what would I buy and why from TINT-ART.
It was such fun thinking of the answers and I thought worth sharing so, If I was you....written by Candida Stevens, Founder of TINT-ART.

As an investment I would buy Herbert Ypma's Buddha Bridge. Sold to Hugh Jackman for his NYC apartment for $10,000 this will be a sell out at Ypma's Exhibition next year. The large print is an Edition of only 10.

As a more accessible investment I would buy Rosetta Whitehead, a young promising artist at the beginning of her career. Printing on aluminium and behind acrylic she requires someone with an eye for the contemporary and vision for the future of the fast changing world of art collecting. 

As a cool and contemporary comment on the world of art and Photography I would buy Dan Steven's End of Film. New prints will be printed under poured resin with an amazing organic affect that illuminates the colours of the negative. 

For something relaxing and beautiful I would buy Alexander Hamilton's Cyanotypes, Sam Burns or Allan Coker Australian seascapes. Colour psychology shows these blue green tones to be the most relaxing colours to have in your environment. Perfect for the bedroom.

For classic old school timeless images with a historical edge I would buy Nicola Bensley. Nicola works only on film with only hand printed silver gelatine prints and is an artist who will continue to gain recognition as time marches on and her brilliance endures.

For abstract images with story and intrigue buy Carlotta Maitland-Smith's sand studies. Evocative, figurative sand scapes taken in the Namibian Desert. 

For geometric form and shape with studied perspective I would buy Fabrizio Magris, an Italian artist represented in Europe by TINT-ART.

For intellectual art I would buy Cedric Christie or Bill Jackson. Two artists further along in their careers who express themselves through studies of time.

Limited Editions range from 5-30 and are exclusive to TINT-ART so you won't find them anywhere else. Limited Editions become more expensive as the edition sells out, so best to get there early!