A wonderful story about THE END OF FILM February 07 2014, 0 Comments

Dan Stevens has been working as a professional Photographer for 30 years. As a Photographer who embraced everything that was beautiful about Film Photography, the new digital age was, for a while, a source of some distress to Stevens. He collected frames from the end of the films he shot and collected a series of images which he aptly named, "The End of Film".


Stevens was a master of 35mm black and white photography and built a dark room in his London studio to work on his own printing. When the Commercial world started to demand digital photography, there are many that would agree, the technology was just not ready to produce the quality that these Professionals were accustomed to delivering. Experiencing the doubt and inner struggle of how the art of film photography would be replaced by digital technology, Stevens along with many of his fellow Photographers experienced a time of flux. This Collection of artworks are part of what Stevens developed during this time.

The wonder is that the age of digital is here and the technology with it, allowing theses art works that were created out of pain to now deliver their full glory and express a wonder, almost other worldly in their rich tones and extraordinary details. Like fire, like space, like sunshine, like night, the power of these images is incredible.

Each of these details is part of the MASTER ART WORK which is made up of all 16 details.

What Stevens has to say about this Collection. "The End of Film is like The Happy Accident. Film was only ever the intermediary to the print. It's the print that endures and does the telling. That's how all of this kind of art work should happen, the unexpected and an element of a journey adding to why something makes sense, this is the message it's conveying. The digital files have come of age, they are now worth printing."

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