From E1 to W1 to W11 in a day of Art October 21 2013, 0 Comments

With Frieze week drawing to a close there will be lots of exilerated, if exhausted, artists and curators today. Saturday saw the TINT team in London attending several events. This is what I got up to. First stop, The Other Art Fair at The Truman Brewery in E1 where I met some interesting artists. Fabrizio Magris, an Italian artist whose work had a focus on geometry and urban simplicity.

I talked to Mariateresa Setaro, who was translating for Fabrizio, about his daring choice to mount the delicate Hahnemuhle prints direct onto aluminium. This is a presentation that we at TINT-ART love, due to the consumers ability to engage directly with the beauty of the paper itself. It means treating the piece as a delicate art treasure which we think is how all art should be treated anyway. There will be a whole feature on this debate from us soon.

I enjoyed the work of Zaklina Anderson whose peaceful landscapes were interlaced with nudes. It took time and consideration to identify the nuances of her work. Zaklina commented that she wants her work to never get boring. You think you've seen it all and then you spot something new. 

I then stopped to talk to Gina Soden who is awash with achievement and interest. Her work records the decay of once grand buildings. She is recording the architecture during a period of transition, a time when the places are precariously balanced between their former glory and their unknown future. Gina's work has a striking beauty to it. The Collection is called Retrogression and Gina says "The results are striking and poignant, at once both edgy in their contemporary aesthetic and nostalgic in their ruinous beauty."

I then moved on to W1 in search of Big Deal No 5. curated by Cedric Christie and Vanya Balogh. Oxford Street was looking unusually attractive in a jigsaw puzzle kind of way.


Standing in Cavendish Square in search of the Exhibition I thought I must have made some mistake. Checking the Facebook page for the invitation I noted that I was looking for Q Park, level 3. The level 3 was the clue. This was an exhibition held in an enormous central London underground car park. Three levels underground they had filled an entire level of Sub W1 with art from over 100 different artists. The work was so varied and yet the space lent itself perfectly to providing a curiously level playing field that allowed the artists to all shout as loud as each other in their totally unique ways. There was a clever balance of sound installations that allowed you to be constantly surrounded by that slightly surreal modern art hum and scratch without at any point being overwhelmed by it. Here are some of our favourite pieces

Excitingly TINT-ART is working with Cedric Christie to exhibit a Collection of Photographs taken in 2010 on a trans-American train journey. Watch this space!

Then on to W11 to see Rosetta Whitehead showing her latest work, Avian Lens. Rosetta is known to all her friends and family as Zetta Pierra. Chatting with Zetta's Mum we have agreed to try and persuade her to use this as her Artist name, Zetta, you up for it?! :) Zetta's work was printed behind acrylic glass which complemented the rich golds and deep shadows and gave the work real presence, her work looked big, bold and beautiful. Well done Zetta! Zetta is a light painter, to read about her work she can be found on TINT-ART. 

Written by Candida Stevens.

Owner and co-curator of TINT-ART Gallery.