Buy the art you love November 04 2013, 0 Comments

As any seasoned art dealer will tell you, if you love it that is sufficient reason to buy it. That is reason enough for me to buy an artwork that I will see every day. I want something that makes me feel; happy and calm and captivated. This is a big ask, but is the criteria used to select the artworks for sale at TINT-ART Gallery.

There are so many talented artists creating such beautiful images. Having beautiful pictures on the wall is, as they say, a way of making a house a home. As representing Gallery to currently 16 artists it is important to me that my artists all sell their work well to good homes. Wandering around the Affordable Art Fair recently I noticed that there was a buzz around the Exhibitors who had prints for sale, by which I mean cradles of mounted images that were not framed, but were well presented and ready to buy. 

With this in mind I am planning the TINT-ART stand at the Goodwood Rare Brands next week. We will be showing work by Alexander Hamilton, Carlotta Maitland-Smith, Dan Stevens and Samuel Burns.