Alexander Hamilton



Alexander Hamilton (b.1950) grew up in Caithness, Scotland. He studied Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art. After qualifying, he spent 6 months recording the plants on the uninhabited island of Stroma, creating his first photogram images. This began a 40 year journey exploring connections to plants and landscape. His work has been shown throughout Europe with the exhibition ‘The Peace Rose and the Pursuit of Perfection’. Alexander has been the inspiration for many Photographers with this original and beautiful collection.

TINT-ART features giclee prints of Photograms from his 'Collection of Cyanotypes with plant elements', 50 x 65cm taken between 1990-2002. 

Photograms are the pictorial result of the cyanotype process, a technique that creates unique images, each made by the plant's natural materials. The plant is placed onto a pre-prepared sheet of watercolour paper. The image is drawn out of the plant through the light from the sun, and permanently fixed by the simple process of being washed in water - hence the term 'camera-less photography'. The flower petals leave a trace, a unique deposit, on the paper. The final result contains the essence of each plant, displayed in rich tones of blue, creating a contemplative work of art. 

"The principal concern of my research is to change people’s relationship with what they see, to create art works that encourages the viewer to renegotiate their position in relation to their environment."


TINT-ART is a boutique gallery selling affordable limited edition contemporary photographic art from International artists in bespoke collections.

All work is available as print only and the majority is available ready to hang. The final presentation of the work is considered by each individual artist in order to best present their type of work. The most used techniques are classic wooden frames, face mounting behind acrylic glass and original print mounted onto aluminium dibond.


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