Cedric Christie Photography


Miami-New York 2010 by Cedric Christie

Highly acclaimed conceptual artist Cedric Christie crosses America in an epic 72 hour journey. During the journey he took this series of pictures. This Collection has never been printed commercially due to Cedric's sensitive attitude to reproducing his work. We managed to persuade him that he can trust us to show his work in the most positive light and with the utmost sensitivity to his story and so here it is. Every picture is taken from the train, he got off the train only once when the train was refuelling. "This is what I saw, no photoshop. I got on the train with one idea of America and got off with another. It's still the wild west. On a train in the 21st century, if you were dropped you'd be dust. Everything is made of wood and feels temporary, it's lending itself to the land. I did feel that I understood better man's battle with nature to make a home. The steak in the dining car was incredible, the best steak i've ever eaten!"

Cedric is represented by Flowers Gallery, London for his conceptual art, this is what they have to say; "Cedric's work explores a broad range of cultural and art historical references. Often using humour and irony as subtle vehicles of communication. Incorporating and manipulating everyday objets like snooker balls and scaffold poles, he creates objects that are meticulously and skilfully made that become both a critical appraisal of modernism as well as a playful exploration of form and meaning".


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