TINT TINYS - Signed Art under £50


For some time now we have been discussing the concept of a TINT Tiny. The TINT tiny is a mini version of a piece from the TINT-ART Collection.

The idea is that all TINT Tinys will be signed by the artist, they will all be priced the same £48, that they will be an affordable way of you owning the art you love, that you can start a Collection of TINT Tinys which would become an art work in itself. There will be a consistency of size; all portrait images will be printed 10cm wide with varying heights determined by the image, all landscape images will be printed 10cm high with varying widths. They work very well in sets.

Your TINT Tiny will be centered on 8" x 10" Hahnemuhle fine art paper. This is a standard frame size so easy to accomodate. They can be framed, they can be sent, they can be kept in a special box, they can be used as a gentle reminder to a loved one that this is what you want to own in its full size! TINT Tinys will be printed on Fine Art Paper and numbered with their edition number. Editions will be 250 making this idea financially feasible for the artists.


TINT-ART is a contemporary fine art photography gallery selling affordable limited edition fine art prints from International artists in bespoke collections.

All work is available as print only and the majority is available ready to hang. The final presentation of the work is considered by each individual artist in order to best present their type of work.


TINT-ART Ltd operates according to the provisions of the consumer protection (distance selling) regulations 2000. In accordance with these you have 7 working days from receipt of your purchase to contact us by email and cancel your order. Please read our Terms & Conditions.